gardening with children

For children, the garden is much more than just a green living room or an oasis of relaxation. Here they can play to their heart’s content, discover nature and learn a lot about plants and animals.

In order for children to experience and understand nature, they have to try everything. On the other hand, just watching the parents work in the garden is boring. Children can easily get excited about gardening if they can join in or even create and care for a bed themselves.

A children’s kitchen for outside and a water feature are also great for experiencing and experimenting with .

Feel, smell, taste

In their own garden, the little ones quickly discover the joy of sowing, planting, watering and harvesting. The children’s bed should not be too big and have a manageable number of plants. A marked-out area in the garden where they can experiment on their own is ideal for interested young gardeners. If you don’t have enough space for a children’s bed, you can also bring a lot of joy to the little ones with a planter. So that the little ones see quick success and stay motivated, it is best to choose plants that germinate and blossom quickly.

A bed for the little ones

May is a good time to start a children’s bed. Then the earth is warm and moist, so seeds and small plants grow quickly. Choose a sunny spot for the bed, which should be at least one square meter.

So that the plants can thrive well, weed-free, well-loosened soil is important. In the initial phase, use special potting soil for seeds, cuttings and young plants. Natural stones, logs or wickerwork are suitable for enclosing the bed.

Grow and harvest yourself

But regardless of whether it’s an open-air bed or a flower pot, since children have a different sense of time than adults, a quick sense of achievement is required. Fast-growing varieties such as cress or radishes are therefore particularly popular. Here the mini gardeners can almost watch it grow. A mixture of flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs is also ideal. If the harvest is also suitable for consumption, there is a positive side effect: those who grow and harvest their own lettuce often discover that fresh vegetables are really tasty. Children can sniff and taste strawberries or wild strawberries, cherry tomatoes, chives, lemon balm or peppermint, for example.

Gardening tools for children

So that children can work on their bed properly and do not injure themselves when handling the tools, special gardening tools for children are recommended. They are the right size and suitable for small children’s hands.