Make a wooden mobile

A special birth gift is a self-made wooden mobile. Not only will they please the parents-to-be, but they will also be a lot of fun to make. With a little manual skill, you can conjure up a cute children’s mobile from leftover wood. You can find out how to do this in this guide.

What you need:

  • Wooden sticks/sticks (diameter 0.5 to 1 cm)
  • jigsaw
  • tracing pen
  • Coloring page
  • Perlonschnur
  • scissors
  • colour

Mobiles have become indispensable in children’s rooms. Hung over the small cot, your baby will be amazed and laugh. Commercially available plastic mobiles don’t look very pretty, so you might just want to try a wooden mobile.

How to build a mobile

  1. Get scrap wood or thinner planks of wood from the hardware store. Think of a simple motive. Maybe you like little birds or elephants, little cars or colorful balls? You can find enough templates for your mobile free of charge on the Internet under “Coloring templates”. Simply print out the motifs you want. If necessary, enlarge or reduce the outlines.
  2. Take a copying pencil and trace the outlines of your templates. Place the sketched side on your piece of wood and trace again. In this way, the figures are depicted on your wood. Just draw the outlines. You will paint details of the figures later.
  3. Take a small jigsaw and carefully saw out your figures. Sand down sharp corners and edges with a small file or sandpaper. The figures should be nice and smooth afterwards.
  4. With a small hand drill you can drill a small hole in the figure yourself so that you can hang it up for your mobile later.

Paint the wooden figures

You can either leave your figures in their natural state and cover them with a wood preservative glaze, or you can be a little artistic and color in the mobile figures.

  1. Allow everything to dry thoroughly before you continue tinkering with your mobile. Then attach a Perlon thread to each figure and knot it tightly at the hole. You can cut the cord into different lengths.
  2. Take a round piece of wood and cut it in half. Cross the two sticks over each other and drill a hole in the middle. Pull a nylon cord through the hole and knot it as well. Your mobile will therefore be able to rotate when hanging from the ceiling. In order to be able to hang your wooden figures on the wooden poles, drill several small holes in them.
  3. Finally, attach all the wooden figures to the two wooden poles by pulling the Perlon threads through the holes and knotting them tightly.

Your wooden mobile is now ready and can be hung up. Your child will have a lot of fun with it.