Build games with wooden puzzle yourself succesfully

wooden puzzle yourself

Individual games can be designed with wood. You can find out how to make a puzzle from the natural material in the following article.

What you need:

  • wooden board
  • pencil
  • jigsaw
  • countertop or workbench
  • vice
  • tinting colors
  • Paint brush
  • duct tape
  • envelope or carton

Puzzles made of wood – get material

In order to be able to tinker individual jigsaw puzzles, you must first obtain a wooden board in the size of your choice. However, the thickness should be about half a centimeter.

You can get the plate at the hardware store. Wood leftovers are often sold here at low prices, so it is worthwhile for you to specifically ask a seller about such leftovers.

You can also get tinting colors from the hardware store, which you will need later to design the motif for the puzzle.

This is how the puzzle pieces are made

  1. Draw lines on the wooden board with a pencil to visually break it down into individual pieces. It doesn’t necessarily have to be classic puzzle pieces. You can paint other shapes instead. Incidentally, the simpler the selected outlines are, the easier it will be for you to saw them out later.
  2. Then secure the panel to a workbench or countertop with a vise so that some of the wood overhangs.
  3. Using a jigsaw, you can cut the natural material along the drawn lines where it protrudes into the air. It makes sense if you remove one puzzle piece after the other from the board.
  4. In order to be able to reach all lines with the saw, you have to repeatedly loosen the vice during this work and turn the wooden board accordingly.

Draw motifs on the puzzle

  1. Once you have disassembled the entire puzzle, you must put the individual parts back together correctly and attach them to one another with adhesive tape on the back. This way the pieces won’t slip while you’re adding a design to them.
  2. Then carefully turn the puzzle over so that the front is facing up.
  3. You can now let off steam creatively on this surface and paint any puzzle motif with tinting paints.
  4. Let the paint dry and then remove the adhesive strips from the back. You can then keep the finished puzzle in a large envelope or a box, for example.

By the way: Homemade wooden jigsaw puzzles are also particularly suitable as a very personal gift for a loved one.