Mousetrap car – instructions for making crafts

If you build a mousetrap car according to the instructions, you will have an environmentally friendly and quiet toy that is also great for racing. No major manual skills are required to recreate it.

What you need:

  • 1 mousetrap
  • 2 squared timbers (30 cm long, 2 x 1 cm thick)
  • 2 logs (10 cm long, 0.8 cm diameter)
  • 3 round coasters (or CD’s)
  • 6 washers (as wide as possible with an inner diameter of 8.4 mm)
  • 4 eyebolts (25mm long, 12mm eye diameter)
  • 1 small steel nail
  • 8 rubber pinch seals (8 mm diameter) or as many slices of plastic tubing
  • 20 cm wire (e.g. from an uncurled clothes hanger or a large paper clip)
  • thin, tear-resistant cord
  • wood glue
  • craft tongs
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • two screw clamps
  • hammer

A mousetrap car is a nice toy that you can easily make yourself using the instructions.

Instructions for building

  1. Pre-drill holes on the front sides of the squared timber into which the eyebolts are screwed.
  2. When screwing in, you should make sure that all eyelet screws are screwed into the wood at the same depth , as this is where the axles will be later on.
  3. The wire used to tighten the mousetrap must be removed before further construction.
  4. Glue the mousetrap in the middle of the squared timber and fix the timber with the screw clamps until the glue has dried.
  5. Mark the center of both logs.
  6. Drive a nail into the wood that is to be the rear axle and clip it off with pliers so that only 2 – 3 mm remain.
  7. Now slide the CD or the beer mat onto the front axle (since both can be used, both variants are listed in the instructions).
  8. Glue a washer to both sides of the CD and push a squeeze rubber onto each side. The wheel must not wobble or wobble, it must be tight.
  9. In addition, attach the axle to the eyebolts with squeeze rubbers so that the axle does not slip.
  10. The wheels on the rear axle are fixed on both sides outside of the eyebolts with squeeze rubbers and washers.
  11. Now bend an open and a closed loop on the piece of wire.
  12. Place the open loop around the spring of the mousetrap’s clamp and bend it closed.
  13. Now all you have to do is attach your “extension lever” to the clamping bracket with a piece of cord.
  14. Now also pull a string through the upper loop and knot it. The cord must reach to the rear axle and also have a loop at the other end that is hooked into the nail.

This is how the mousetrap car drives

  1. Place the mousetrap car on the ground and attach the loop of the string to the nail pin.
  2. Now you can pull the car back far enough for the trap’s tension bar to stretch and the cord to wrap around the rear axle. When the bar is stretched to the stop, you can let go of the mousetrap car.
  3. The larger you choose the average of the rear wheels, the farther your car will go.
  4. If you deviate from the dimensions in the instructions and choose a thinner rear axle, it will continue to drive.
  5. You can increase the drive if you choose a rubber band instead of the cord.

The mousetrap car is great for racing. It’s eco-friendly and doesn’t make any noise either.