Build a ship in a bottle yourself

Build a ship in a bottle
by Stephanie Hofschlaeger

Anyone who has ever been to the sea knows that ships in bottles are available for sale in almost every kiosk. These small structures amaze young and old and many people wonder if you could build such a ship in a bottle yourself.

What you need:

A small ship in a bottle to build yourself

This guide explains how you can build a small ship in a bottle yourself.

If you want to build a ship in a bottle yourself, the basic requirement is the right bottle, i.e. the bottle. You need a bottle with a bottle neck that is as large and wide as possible. Here you should compare the bottles on the market and decide on the bottle with the widest neck. After the bottle is then taught and thoroughly cleaned, you can start building your own ship in a bottle.

So that your ship in a bottle gets a firm footing in the bottle, it is placed on kneaded rubber. You should get modeling clay from a specialty store that matches the color of the sea or ocean. The first thing to do is to roll this modeling clay into the correct mass and then bring it into the bottle with two small wires.

The bottle or bottle should have a firm footing. It is advisable to buy a bottle holder from a specialist retailer in advance. Your ship in a bottle should then remain in this holder for you to build yourself.

The boat goes into the bottle

After you have put the modeling clay in the bottle, you now have to work on the modeling clay with small wires or knitting needles that you have bent yourself. That is, try to create some waves. Distribute the plasticine as widely as possible on the bottom of the bottle. Remember that your ship in a bottle to build it yourself is then inserted into this modeling clay. The ship itself, the ship itself,

you should get the ship itself in the craft shop around the corner. Just make sure your ship in a bottle is the right size to fit through the neck of the bottle. The masts on your ship in a bottle can be folded down, so you can now place the small ship in a bottle in the bottle with the masts folded down.

However, before you put the ship in the bottle, you attached small twine to the mast. After the ship sits in the modeling clay, you can use the twine to set the masts upright. Remove the twine itself with small tweezers or a wire that has been bent to size. When that’s done, you’ve completed your build-it-yourself bottle ship.

Try to get the stickers off your bottle without leaving any residue.