This is how you design your own Lawn when making models


Anyone interested in model making will use different materials to make their work of art look as real and authentic as possible. You can recreate lawns in a variety of ways, using a material that works well with your design and blends into the design.

Imitate lawn in model building

You can reproduce lawns in various ways when building models .It looks very natural when you use grass mats. You can buy these at a well-stocked craft supply store. Unfortunately, the mats are quite expensive.

You can also use mock moss. This is usually some kind of thin fiber and looks greenish or brownish. Then glue this onto your model with a spray adhesive and then cut it down to the desired length.

You can buy grass fiber. These are flakes or wood chips that are in a scatter grass can and can be sprayed on. The costs are around five euros. To use this in model making, first paint your lawn green. Then spray the scattered grass evenly. The color then wraps itself around the thin fibers and colors them. Then use a handheld vacuum to vacuum up the remaining fibers. You already get authentic-looking grass.

You can also use plastic grass. This is often inexpensive. Unfortunately it looks very artificial.

How to edit the lawn

  1. You can continue to work on the lawn used when building the model.
  2. Do this by choosing a colour in advance. Green, brown or white is suitable for this. White is good if your entire model is that colour.
  3. Then lay the material on a newspaper and spray paint over it. You should hold the bottle at least 30 cm to 50 cm away from the material.
  4. Now let the paint dry for a few hours and use the material.