Make an astronaut costume yourself – that’s how it works

astronaut costume yourself
astronaut costume yourself

Carnival is just around the corner and your child is enthusiastic about space and astronauts? Read here how you can easily make an astronaut costume yourself and make your child happy at the same time.

What you need:

  • paint suit
  • Motorsport helmet
  • snowshoes
  • water color

Make an astronaut costume yourself: It’s very easy and helps you to save costs. Especially if you have to equip several family members with costumes, it can get pretty expensive.

Astronaut Costume Benefits

  • Making an astronaut costume yourself offers a few other advantages. You only need a few materials that you either have at home or can get hold of quickly and inexpensively.
  • An astronaut costume is robust and can be adapted to the temperatures outside. If it is very cold, your child can wear thick tights and a sweater underneath. Frostbite can be easily prevented in this way.
  • Would you like to take part in a carnival procession and are you looking for a costume that you can wear as a group? An astronaut costume is ideal for this because it is particularly versatile and easy to change.

Make an astronaut costume yourself – instructions

  1. To make an astronaut costume yourself, you first need a white painting suit. You can get this as a disposable product at a specialist dealer, hardware store or online.
  2. Now design this suit according to your ideas using red watercolor or finger paint. Ask your child for design ideas and take them up if possible. This way it can later identify well with its costume.
  3. A motorsport helmet is particularly suitable as headgear. A bicycle helmet is also a good alternative. If your child prefers to do without a helmet, they can simply pull the hood of the painter’s overalls over their head.
  4. Thick snowshoes like moon boots are like astronaut shoes and also prevent cold feet. 

Now your child is dressed like a real astronaut and the carnival season can come!