Make your own “soccer player” carnival costume – this is how you become Oliver Kahn

soccer player Costume
soccer player Costume

Soon it will be that time again – the fifth season and thus for many the most important time of the year is dawning. Of course, like every year, you have no idea which carnival costume to choose, but you know one thing for sure: should it be a soccer player? How about the great German goalkeeper, the world goalkeeper, the titan Oliver Kahn?

What you need:

  • sportswear
  • sports shoes
  • gloves
  • possibly wig

You need this for the basic carnival costume

  • The jersey is of course essential for a soccer player. It is certainly best if you have an original Kahn jersey from his Bayern Munich or national team days. But if you don’t want to spend that much money, you can also make your own jersey. For the soccer player’s jersey, it is best to take a light blue t-shirt and paint it with black fabric markers. Pay attention to the club or federation emblem, the correct number on the chest and back as well as the Adidas stripes and the name.
  • In addition to the blue jersey, you need black sports trousers for your carnival costume. It would be perfect if you had goalkeeper pants with integrated pads. But that doesn’t have to be the case.
  • Soccer shoes are also a must for your special carnival costume. Use black indoor soccer shoes for this. These can also look a bit worn.
  • In addition to jersey and shorts, a soccer player naturally also needs socks and, if you are not too warm, shin guards. Gloves should not be missing, especially for a goalkeeper.
  • Another trademark of the soccer player Kahn is the peaked cap that matches the jersey, preferably in black or blue. Of course, a towel and drinking bottle should not be missing.
  • If you take things very seriously, you should also get a blond wig, but beware: carnival costumes with wigs promote sweat production immensely. So think this through carefully.

Give your soccer player outfit the right kick

  • Oliver Kahn would not have become a cult football player if he hadn’t always given his all. So paint stains, dirt and tidy scratches on your face, arms and legs.
  • Although Oliver Kahn never became world champion, he did win the Champions League with FC Bayern Munich, among other things. For an extraordinary carnival costume you can also wear numerous medals or take a trophy or the “bowl” with you.
  • What else do soccer players do besides sport? Giving autographs of course. You could provide a highlight if you bring home-made autograph cards to the carnival event.
  • Try to learn some typical words, sayings, gestures and facial expressions of the great soccer player. Check out some of the interviews.
  • “We need eggs!” Well then, why don’t you take some eggs to the carnival ? Or how about a post? As is well known, he was Kahn’s best friend during his playing days. But a yellow and a red card are always good. Or take a football with you. Come up with something creative.
  • You will definitely attract attention with your carnival costume when you put on oversized goalkeeper gloves. As with the Titan, nothing will slip through your fingers.