Bart Simpson Costume – Instructions for a last minute outfit

Bart Simpson Costume
Bart Simpson Costume

A costume party is coming up, you don’t have a costume yet, but the shops are already closed? Then let the world-renowned Yellow Family be your savior and put together a Bart Simpson costume yourself. You will find everything you need to do this in this guide.

What you need:

  • red T-shirt
  • blue shorts
  • White socks
  • blue sneakers
  • yellow wig or yellow paper
  • yellow makeup and tights
  • possibly a skateboard, blowpipe or a slingshot

Putting together a Bart Simpson costume – that’s how it works

  1. As clothing for the Bart Simpson costume you need a red or orange t-shirt, blue shorts and – if possible – blue sneakers. If you don’t have blue shoes, you can also paint old sneakers blue or throw a pair of blue socks over the shoes.
  2. In addition to the clothes, the yellow spiked hairstyle is also part of the Bart Simpson costume. With these instructions, you can easily make them yourself. If you already have a yellow wig, trim it until it looks spiky and fix the synthetic hair with hairspray.
  3. If you don’t have a wig, paper will suffice. You need either two sheets of yellow colored paper or paper that you can paint yellow. Cut serrations into one long side of each leaf and glue the leaves together along two edges to make a paper crown. Make sure the paper crown fits your head snugly.
  4. If you not only want to copy the clothes and hairstyle, but also the yellow coloring, you need yellow carnival make-up and two yellow tights. Put on a pair of tights as normal and cut off the legs and feet of the second pair. Pull the resulting hoses over your arms. Now color your hands, neck and face with the yellow carnival make-up.
  5. As a fun detail, you now need a skateboard for your Bart Simpson costume. Alternatively, you can also equip yourself with a small blowpipe, a black drinking straw is sufficient for this, or a slingshot.  

Instructions for more Simpsons costumes

  • If you have implemented the Bart Simpson costume instructions and now need a suitable partner disguise, you have numerous options. Depending on what you already have at home, you can recreate other family members or Bart’s friend Milhouse. The costumes for Homer and Lisa Simpson are particularly simple .
  • For Homer you will need a white polo shirt, blue jeans and a bald cap. Instead of a store-bought bald cap, you can also hide your hair under yellow tights on which you draw individual hairs with a black pencil. If you lack body fullness, you can use a pillow as an abdominal replacement. Now all that’s missing is a bottle of beer in your hand and your costume is ready.
  • Lisa Simpson wears a red scalloped strapless dress, red sandals and a white pearl necklace. You can recreate the hairstyle with a paper crown, which you cut out like a star. As a detail, you can carry a stack of books or a replica saxophone.
  • Other Simpsons costumes hardly require any special clothing either. However, they have a harder time replicating the right hairstyle, making them unsuitable for last-minute costumes.