Make a Bart Simpson costume – that’s how it works

Bart Simpson costume
Bart Simpson costume

If you want to put your child in a Bart Simpson costume for Mardi Gras, you don’t need many things and it’s very easy to make yourself.

What you need:

  • red T-shirt
  • blue shorts
  • blue shoes
  • yellow carnival make-up
  • yellow tights
  • Wig or Burger King crown
  • hair gel
  • yellow carnival hairspray
  • yellow shirt with long sleeves
  • yellow gloves

You can easily and quickly make a Bart Simpson costume yourself. You should have most of the things you need at home.

How to create a Bart Simpson costume

  1. First, buy a yellow wig with a hedgehog haircut, or get a kid’s crown from Burger King.
  2. Simply paint the crown with yellow paint. 
  3. You can also simply spray a boy with short hair with yellow carnival hair color and gel it up into a hedgehog head.
  4. Paint the face with yellow carnival make-up. You should use more color in the crease of the eyelid in particular, as this is where it settles out very quickly.
  5. For the yellow legs, dress the child in yellow tights.
  6. For the yellow arms, dress the child in the long-sleeved yellow shirt. If you want, you can paint the back of your hand with yellow carnival make-up or simply put on yellow gloves. Of course you can also leave your hands normal.
  7. The red T-shirt comes over the shirt and blue shorts over the tights.
  8. Now the only thing missing from the costume is the blue shoes.
  • If you want to go into more detail, you can put a slingshot in the back pocket or give the child a skateboard.
  • Of course you can go into more detail and buy a Bart Simpson mask, but at some point this will bother you. That’s why it makes more sense to just paint the face.