Create your own simple rocks model Building

rocks model Building

Rocks for model building can be made by yourself in a really simple way. This is not only fun, but is also very inexpensive: the basic material comes from paper waste.

What you need:

  • cardboard
  • newsprint
  • kitchen paper
  • cardboard rolls
  • scotch tape
  • craft glue
  • granite color
  • metal color
  • brush (various strengths)
  • sponge

Model building is an exciting hobby. It’s all the more fun when the result looks as real as possible.

Model construction – this is how a real-looking rock succeeds

  • Crumple up a piece of newspaper. Think about how the rock should look later.
  • If you want to enlarge your construction, that’s no problem. Take another piece of newspaper, crumple it up and connect both paper balls with scotch tape or craft glue.
  • Continue in this manner until you have reached the shape and size you want for your model building. It doesn’t matter how “messy” the ball of paper looks. The surface should also not be smoothed under any circumstances.
  • Now tear a large supply of kitchen paper into strips and have craft glue ready.
  • In the next step, overlapping paper strips are glued to the rock. Be generous with the glue. At least 3 layers of paper should be processed.
  • Now let the whole thing dry thoroughly. Depending on the size, this can take a day or two or even longer.
  • For painting use special granite paint. Apply this evenly and let everything dry well again.
  • Metal paint is used for the finish, which can be bought in small jars or jars in any craft store. Using a small sponge, dab the protruding edges of the rock with this paint. Do this very sparingly. The result is a deceptively real plasticity.

Variants and refinements of the model

Also Read:
For large rocks it is advisable to build a rack. This can e.g. B. from toilet paper or kitchen paper rolls. It is only important that newspaper balls are glued over it.
If you would like to integrate fountains into your model building, cardboard rolls are a good help. Cut a ring about 5 cm wide from a toilet paper roll. This is covered with newspaper balls and processed further as explained above.
You get a mobile rock landscape by using a piece of strong cardboard as a base. The stones are built on it. In this way, rock passages and caves can be created.
Would you like to design a fairy world? Set accents with glitter, half pearls, mirror mosaic parts or similar. A tree, for example in deco patch technique, could be the center.