Harvest your own garlic

Do you also want to grow your own garlic? Garlic bulbs are planted in spring or autumn. It’s easy with our tips.

Spicy, aromatic, healthy – all these properties are said to be garlic. But the onion plant also has a lot to offer. That’s why some love him, while others prefer to keep their distance.

These instructions are aimed at all Knofi fans: Because the great tuber is easy to care for and grows in your own garden, in a raised bed , on the balcony or even on the windowsill. However, you should use fresh garlic from the region to start the cultivation. When shopping, you should therefore pay attention to the origin

prepare ground

Garlic likes it bright, sunny and not too humid. The soil should be loose and nutrient-rich: so mix the soil with some fertilizer or compost and, if necessary, sand. Then level the surface. The cultivation also works in the balcony box or on the windowsill! But be sure to avoid waterlogging here!

plant tubers

Garlic can be planted in spring or fall. The ideal time is from September to October. To do this, separate a local garlic bulb into individual cloves. Place these in rows about 3 cm deep and at least 10 cm apart in the prepared soil. Important: The toes must point with the pointed end up and the rooted end down.

Although garlic is considered hardy, you should still protect the bed with mulch, straw or similar during the cold season. This also helps against weeds. You should weed regularly so that the garlic can grow as big and juicy as possible. In between, it is advisable to loosen the soil.

Harvest Garlic

Fall-planted garlic can be harvested in late June or July of the following year. So you need a bit of patience. If you are keen on particularly large bulbs, you should also cut off the bud sites.

Once the lower leaves turn yellow and dry, you can harvest. To do this, carefully pull out the plants with a planting fork or hoe.

Garlic stays fresh in the fridge for up to a week, or about two weeks at room temperature. Stored properly in a dry, shady place, it can keep for months. But don’t forget to save new seedlings for next season.