Make a mosaic table easily

Make a mosaic table
Make a mosaic table

The technology is simple, the result is impressive: Mosaic tiles decorate simple tables and turn chests of drawers into real eye-catchers. A round mosaic table is a beautiful accessory for the terrace, balcony and garden.

Apply tile adhesive and lay tiles

First you treat the plywood board on both sides with shower and bath sealant to protect it from moisture. After drying, apply the flexible adhesive with a smoothing trowel and comb through with a notched trowel. You lay the natural stone tiles from the outside inwards, preferably with the straight edge to the edge. The distance between the tiles should be two to six millimeters. The tile adhesive must then dry. The self-designed table can be grouted after about three hours. Use a jointing board to add the mortar. Use it several times diagonally across the joints until they are completely filled.

Strip mortar and clean tiles

Scrape off the remains of the grout. After about 15 minutes, use a sponge float to smooth the grout and wash away the grout. Now polish away the last veil of mortar with a cotton cloth. So that the joint between the table frame and the mosaic can later be properly sealed with natural stone silicone, it must be cleaned. Remove any mortar residue from the edge joint. Then apply the elastic silicone mass along the outer edge and smooth it out with a joint smoother. Then let it dry!