Make your own earring holders

own earring holders
own earring holders

I don’t like jewelry boxes that much. So I was looking for another solution to store my earrings. This earring holder is made very quickly.


  • Picture Frame
  • screwdriver
  • nails
  • Metal mesh / insect screen
  • earrings
  • Scissors / tin snips
  • hot glue
  • metal rod

There is no need to remind anyone how bad clutter is, not only because it takes up valuable space in the home, but also because it can negatively impact mental health. That’s why we’re always up for anything that helps minimize clutter and improve storage, even when it comes to very small items like jewelry and earrings: e.g. B. the homemade earring holder!

Which leads us to today’s question: do you have an extensive collection of earrings that is threatening to overwhelm you? Then how about you stop keeping them all in the bottom drawer (or wherever you keep your little trinkets) and instead make your very own homemade earring holder? With our creative and clever DIY earring holder, you can store your favorite earrings together while showing off your impeccable taste. And let’s not forget that easy DIY earrings storage ideas are always a good idea if you want to save some money.

Step 1: Get a picture frame

– We will turn a regular photo frame into a DIY earring stand. So look for a wooden picture frame that you think is ideal for displaying your earrings. The frame can be as minimalist or ornate as you wish. Don’t worry about the color of the frame either, we can always change that in later steps.

Step 2: Open the frame

– When you have found the ideal picture frame, you open it and remove the back wall and the glass pane.

– While you can throw away the back panel, you should save the glass top for now as we will be using it to measure the metal grid later.

Step 3: Removes all fittings

– Use your screwdriver to carefully remove all existing screws and other fittings from your picture frame. Basically you just want the actual wooden frame.

Step 4: Here’s how it’s done

Are you still in the process of making a DIY earring holder?

Optional tip:

If you want to give your frame a new color, take the time to do so now. Go for either spray paint or acrylic paint and don’t forget the back and side faces. If you have a dark wood frame, you may need to apply two coats of paint.

Step 5: Draw and measure your metal grid.

We will attach a piece of metal mesh to the frame as this will be the surface that the earrings will dangle from once our homemade earring holder is complete.

– Take the glass pane of your picture frame (which you should keep as described in step 2).

– Place the plate on the metal grid on a flat surface.

– Lightly draw around the glass with a pencil so you can mark the exact size of the mesh for your earring holder.

Step 6: Cut it out

– With a sharp cutting tool, carefully cut out the stitch, cutting on the pencil drawings you made in the previous step.

Fine metal meshes can easily be cut out with household scissors. However, if you’re working with tougher metals, you should opt for scissors instead, as they’re a better choice for cutting thin sheet metal and wire mesh, especially around tricky curves.

Step 7: Like this!

Take a step back and admire your progress so far.

Step 8: Place the grille in the frame

– Take the stitch you cut out, turn your picture frame over (right side down) and place the stitch inside the frame – it should fit perfectly.

Step 9: Glue it in place

– Take your hot glue gun (regular school glue isn’t strong enough for this clever DIY earring holder).

– Adds a glue line along the inside edges of the picture frame, right where the glass pane used to be.

– Set down the hot glue gun and quickly grab the mesh to gently press it into the glue before it starts to dry.

– Watch your fingers because the glue is HOT.

Step 10: Let it dry

– When the mesh is securely fixed in the picture frame (which is slowly turning into a DIY earring holder), give it the time it needs to dry.

Step 11: Drill a hole on the side

– Turn your picture frame over so the right side is facing you.

– If you have a rectangular frame, you need to decide if you want your earring holder to be horizontal or vertical. Whichever you choose, drill a hole in one side, which will be the underside that your earring holder will stand on.

Optional tip: If you want your DIY earring holder to hang instead of standing, here’s what you can do:

– Take a ribbon and make a bow.

– Glue the points where the loop of ribbon meets to the back of your picture frame (where you would have drilled a hole if you wanted to make a DIY earring stand). 

– After the glue has dried, you can hang the frame on the wall with the loop of the ribbon.

Step 12: Take a metal stick

– If you like the idea of ​​your homemade earring holder standing upright, take a metal stick and stick it in the hole you just drilled.

Tip: If you want to make your homemade earring holder even more artistic, you can use this opportunity to decorate it with plastic stones or rhinestones by drawing motifs on the frame with a permanent marker, painting the frame with eye-catching motifs, sprinkling glitter glue on it, etc. 

As you can see, the metal stick doesn’t have to be too long for your motif to hold up well.

Step 14: Tests if he stands

– Test your DIY earring stand to see if it comes in handy.

Step 15: Add your earrings

– And since our DIY earring stand is almost complete, you can now hang your favorite earrings on your new design.