Wedding pavilion made of birch logs

Austin Craigslist Farm
Austin Craigslist Farm

The wedding should be the most beautiful day in life. Saying “yes” becomes particularly romantic under a self-made wedding pavilion made of birch trunks.

The times of sober registry offices are over: the latest star in the wedding sky are weddings in your own garden, in a rustic barn or in the great outdoors. They become even more magical with the romantic wedding pavilion made of real birch trunks. With the support of friends and family, the pavilion is self-built in no time. Individually decorated, it offers the most beautiful stage for the celebration.

materials and tools

height approx. 2.20 mx width approx. 2.30 mx depth approx. 2.30 m

Tools, all from Bosch

  • Battery-Säbelsäge
  • cordless jigsaw
  • cordless drill driver

materials and helpers

  • 4 birch trunks that are as straight as possible and of similar thickness,
    at least 2.20 m long
  • 7 wooden strips made of spruce, 2.5 m long (30 x 70 mm) for the roof construction and the cross braces
  • 3 wooden slats made of spruce, 2 m long (30 x 70 mm) for 6 support slats
  • 40 wood screws, stainless steel (5.0 x 100 mm)
  • 16 wood screws, stainless steel (4.0 x 50 mm)
  • 3 wood drill bits (2.5 mm, 3.0 mm and 3.5 mm)
  • working gloves
  • Paint brush
  • set square, pencil
  • White wood finish
  • flowers, e.g. B. roses, meadow flowers, tendrils, z. B. ivy, ribbons, bows or similar.

1.base frame

In a first step, the basic frame for the pavilion is created. The construction plan serves as a guide here.
For the roof you have to shorten two of the 2.5 m long wooden strips to 2.20 m each and saw two more to a length of 2.26 m each. Next, shorten two of the remaining 8 feet to 7 feet. These strips will be used to stabilize the sides.
Extend the last 8-foot batten to 8 feet to stabilize the back of the gazebo. Saw the three 2 m long battens, which will later be used to reinforce the diagonal corners of the pavilion, so that six battens are created, each 88 cm long.
Four of these strips later reinforce the roof construction, two more the cross brace at the back of the pavilion. To ensure that the diagonal reinforcement battens are flush with the battens of the roof construction, their ends must be beveled at 45 degrees. A protractor helps with marking.

2.Build front and back

Now arrange the four roof rails you sawed into a square – the 2.20 m long rails form the side parts, the 2.26 m long rails the front and back of the pavilion. Now use a wood drill (3.0 mm) to pre-drill the holes according to the markings in the construction plan and screw everything together using long wood screws (5.0 x 100 mm).
Always use two wood screws per corner for more stability. Now the four reinforcement strips, which are bevelled at both ends, are prepared: First pre-drill them according to the construction plan with a wood drill (2.5 mm) and insert them diagonally in the corners.
Then screw it to the side of the frame with two smaller screws (4.0 x 50 mm).

3.roof construction

For a romantic wedding look, first paint the roof rails, reinforcement rails and cross braces white and let them dry. Then the four birch trunks are used: first cut them to a length of approx. 2.20 m with the cordless saber saw.
Eight helping hands are needed to screw the birch trunks to the roof construction, as well as the wood left over from sawing.
So that the roof construction is later attached at a height of approx. 2 m, it is first raised approx. 20 cm with residual wood. Then screw one birch trunk per corner to the frame construction – schedule one helper per trunk to hold the birches in place.
Two large screws are required for each birch trunk to attach to the roof frame, which are screwed in through both corners. Once all the birch trunks are fixed, carefully place the pavilion on its feet. In order to give the pavilion more stability, the three additional cross braces are now attached to the two sides and the rear at a height of approx. 1 m, which are screwed to the birch trunks using large wood screws.

4.Decorate wedding gazebo

Now decorate the roof of the wedding pavilion as you wish, e.g. B. with flowers, white or colored ribbons and green tendrils.