Build your own Nightstand? It’s easier than you think!

bedside table
bedside table

Making your own piece of furniture sounds pretty difficult at first. With the right guidance and a few practical tips, you can implement your own ideas more easily than you think.

Your own Nightstand – with a little craftsmanship, you can make it unique

Prefabricated pieces of furniture are available in all designs and in all price ranges these days. If you want to express your own style, then just build your next bedside table yourself. It doesn’t take much, some sandpaper in different grits, good quality wooden boards, glue, dowels and maybe some wood stain. In the end you are the owner of a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your style in the best possible way.

Important basic rules if you build a bedside table yourself

  1. It is best to use wooden panels that are at least 40 millimeters thick. This makes your work easier and the finished piece of furniture is more stable.
  2. If you treat the wood with a special glaze, the grain comes out better. This will turn your bedside table into a real eye-catcher.
  3. The combination of different materials provides variety. How about a Plexiglas shelf, for example?
  4. Note that many plug-in connections that you make using wooden dowels and glue harden best under pressure.
  5. Be creative with your design! Instead of wooden panels, simply use wine boxes. These bring a special flair with them.

The bedside table with your own design – the simple version

You don’t feel up to the complete self-construction of a bedside table yet? That’s no problem at all. Simply buy a cheap model from the furniture store and personalize it according to your ideas. You determine the color and can add or remove elements as you wish. Maybe you’ll gain enough experience in the field of craftsmanship this way – until you can build your own bedside table – so that your next project becomes a real breeze. You’ll be amazed at how much fun it will be for you.