Crafting and building children’s toys

children's toys
children's toys

Homemade and self-made children’s toys are something very special. Above all, it is unique because no toy shop in the world will stock this toy. Your child will therefore be proud to use the toy. In addition, building and crafting the toy is just fun and you even save some money.

What you need:

  • empty plastic bottles 0.5l
  • water color
  • tap water
  • decorative stones
  • decorative sand
  • decoration pebbles
  • confetti
  • game characters
  • colorful cloths
  • big carton
  • hot glue gun
  • cutter
  • old curtains
  • water color
  • Paint brush
  • crayons
  • old bicycle bell
  • old remains of wallpaper
  • glue stick
  • mattress
  • pillow
  • rug
  • stuffed animals
  • Puppet
  • old cellphone or telephone

Make crazy bottles for the little ones

With few resources, you can build unique and very special toys for your little ones. A toy that promotes children’s motor skills, that is interesting and exciting – filled bottles. For this you need empty plastic bottles, small bottles (0.5l) are best, because they are great in the hands of the children.

Fill the empty plastic bottles with whatever items fit in there. Colorful and moving materials are of course very interesting and exciting for the little ones. Be sure to wash and dry  the bottles well before crafting .

Fill the bottle with tap water and color it with any color of water. However, you should choose a strong color such as B. Choose red, because bright colors stimulate children’s senses. 

You can also fill the bottle with small colorful decorative stones (from the flower shop). Your child will recognize this bottle as a little rattle because the pebbles make a great noise. This encourages your children’s sense of rhythm. 

With decorative sand or decorative pebbles in the bottles, your little ones will have a super self-made rain stick. Choose a nice strong color for this.  

It is also nice to look at when you fill the bottles with colorful confetti. The colorful paper promotes your child’s senses and has an inspiring effect.

Another nice idea for filling the bottles is if you fill the bottles with small, colorful play figures and add some tap water. These floating stones are super exciting for the little ones. 

You can also fill the bottles with beautiful colorful towels. These have a particularly stimulating effect and also stimulate all the senses.  

For already active little curious noses, you can also take large bottles with a crate and put them back into the crate when full. This promotes dexterity and motor skills. 

With these colourful, exciting homemade bottles, you can inspire and encourage your child. Always make sure that the bottles are tightly closed and always keep an eye on your child.

Cardboard house – build a small children’s kingdom

With a colorful self-built cardboard house, you can tinker a small first home for your child. Your child will love this kingdom of their own and guard it with pride. 

  1. For this small children’s kingdom, take a large cardboard box. Of course, the box should be big enough for your child to fit in it. 
  2. Draw a large entrance door and a window on the cardboard with a thick felt-tip pen and then carefully cut them out with a cutter.
  3. You can cut out the windows so that they still have shutters. Simply leave the side edges on the box.  
  4. Paint the cardboard house in your child’s favorite color. However, you can also let your child paint the house themselves, so they can lend a hand for their first home. Water color is suitable for this because it is safe for children and looks beautiful. You can also achieve good results with wax crayons. 
  5. If you are building the house for a girl, you can paint it like a little castle for your princess. If you have a little knight at home, paint the first home as a castle. 
  6. Inside the small cardboard house you can attach old curtains in front of the windows with the hot glue gun. 
  7. Another nice idea is to build a bell next to the door. An old bicycle bell works best for this. 
  8. With a small mattress, a couple of pillows and a woolen blanket you ensure the perfect cuddle factor in the small first home. 
  9. With your favorite cuddly toys or dolls you ensure the necessary life in the children’s home. 
  10. Of course, it is nice and very special if you paper the small realm from the inside with old wallpaper. For this it is sufficient if you stick the wallpaper on the cardboard with a normal glue stick.  
  11. Set up the little cardboard house together with your child, so that they can decide for themselves about their first home right from the start. 
  12. Maybe you even have an old cell phone lying around somewhere. You could make this available to your child as a small house telephone. 
  13. With sweets and a delicious drink, you can celebrate a successful little housewarming party with your child. 

You are absolutely right with this unique toy. Your child will be so happy about the house they have built themselves and you will find it difficult to separate them from the new toy.