Chicken feeder – buy a feeder for chickens or build it yourself?

Chicken feeder
Chicken feeder

Anyone who owns chickens must always provide them with sufficient feed. The grains can be brought regularly to the animals. The rest of the time it can happen that all the food has been eaten. The birds will then look everywhere for more food. The animals may eat food that was not designed for them.

With a chicken feeder, sufficient quantities can be provided in advance. The dry food is safely stored in a solid container. The birds cannot soil the grains with litter or droppings. The number of feeders must always be calculated based on the number of chickens. This is the only way that even the lower-ranking animals can eat enough food. The risk of the birds injuring each other is therefore significantly lower.

Everything about feeders for chickens

What is a chicken feeder?

Such a device has a storage in which the chicken feed is safely stored. The products are made in various forms. The tank in which the grains are located empties itself automatically. The place where the feed can be picked up is protected by a grid. This is to prevent the birds from sitting in the dispenser. Otherwise there would be a risk that faeces and litter could contaminate the feed. A chicken feeder can be connected to a treadle. Feed can only be removed from the dispenser when an animal of the correct weight enters this area. The grains cannot be stolen by mice or rats.

Who makes a chicken feeder?

The different variants of feed dispensers are produced by various companies. Some companies have specialized in feeding small groups of animals. Other manufacturers also offer machines that are suitable for feeding larger groups of chickens. This gives chicken owners the opportunity to find the devices that meet their own requirements.

What types of chicken feeders are there?

An important differentiator is the mechanics. Some devices only release feed when the specified weight is on the treadle. Other donors can be reached at any time by the different animals. The feed constantly slips through the dispenser openings. However, it could also be reached by pests there. These chicken feeders are made of different materials. They can be made of wood, plastic or metal. Plastic and metal are easy to clean. Wood can be permanently damaged by moisture and chicken droppings.

Where can you buy a chicken feeder?

Such products can be purchased online or in retail stores. Since more and more private individuals keep their own chickens, the accessories are also offered in a wide variety of shops. Anyone looking for an automatic chicken feeder on the Internet will discover a wide variety of offers. It is important that the size is adapted to the number of birds. If you want to ensure more peace between the animals, you should set up enough feeding and drinking points. The capacity of the tank determines how often feed needs to be refilled.

What is a chicken feeder used for?

Such a device also allows the owners not to feed themselves. The birds wake up very early and are already waiting for the food they are hoping for. With a chicken feeder, the owner can sleep longer himself. The animals quickly learn that these donors are always prepared for them. Working people do not have to worry about caring for the animals during the day. A sufficiently large tank ensures that there is always enough grain available for the birds.

What should be considered when buying a chicken feeder?

In order for the machine to donate enough feed, the size must be adapted to the needs. A chicken weighing an average of 2.5 kilograms eats about 125 grams of grains per day. The size of the purchased chicken feeder must therefore be tailored to the type and number of animals present. If you only want to refill feed every other day, you should calculate the capacity of the troughs accordingly. This ensures that the chickens are always adequately supplied. If mice and rats are to be kept away from food, an automatic feeder with a step plate is recommended. The weight of a chicken ensures that the kernels are released. A rodent will try in vain to reach the food. If the chicken feeder is slightly elevated, there is less risk of soiling. The scratching of the chickens causes the bedding to get into the dispensers on the floor. The grains can then only be reached with difficulty by the animals.

Pros and cons of a chicken feeder?


  • Food available in stock
  • Food doesn’t get dirty that easily
  • Sufficient feeding stations reduce jealousy about food
  • Vending machines with step plates only release the grains to the chickens
  • Many dispensers can be hung
  • Some machines are on raised feet


  • Only dry food can go into the dispenser
  • Light machines tip over quickly
  • Kick plate dispensers must be cleaned by hand


If you want to enjoy your breakfast egg in a relaxed manner, you want it from happy chickens. In order for the animals to be able to happily scratch and peck in groups, they need access to food and water at all times. Enough grains are always made available in a chicken feeder. If sufficient feeding stations are set up, the birds can live together peacefully. Scratching in the wild also allows them to find beetles and maggots. Grass and other plants round off the need for nutrients.