How Build your own RC boat and how it works

Building an RC boat yourself is not easy. In the following instructions you will find some tips that will make your work easier.

Make your own RC boats

In principle, you can make your own boat with the right tools. The prerequisite is a corresponding plan template. Radio Control (RC) elements can be bought in almost any size, so that they can usually be easily installed (although water tightness and weight are particularly important for boats).

If you cannot design boats yourself (e.g. with existing CAD software), search for boat blueprints on the Internet by searching the search engine for “blueprints”, “blueprint”, “boat”, “ship”, etc. enter.

The material is always important in construction . In the model building area, you can build RC boats yourself by using plastic ortake wood . Other materials are less suitable.

Various dealers already have prefabricated hulls that make the job a lot easier.

Another option is to buy a model kit that already comes with the plan and materials. This makes building your own much easier.

Build a ship kit yourself

You will find numerous dealers who offer RC boats as models. MHM-Modellbau is such a supplier, who has many different models in their range, which are characterized by the fact that they are basically complete – you can easily assemble them yourself (provided you have the right tools and glue, etc.).

Usually you only have to install the remote control in the kit – i.e. motor and electronics. You can order these components at the same time. 

There are also RC boat kits that already come with all the necessary parts, which is especially recommended for beginners.

Find out in advance about the right adhesive, if necessary the sealing material, motor and electronics.