Build a quadrocopter yourself – tips and suggestions for beginners

Quadcopter own
Quadcopter build own

With the quadrocopter, manufacturers from all over the world have thrown a new product onto the market that should inspire a wide range of age groups. If you not only want to fly the device, but also build it yourself, the otherwise simple use becomes complicated. A few tips and thoughts should help you.

Plan the quadrocopter

Building a quadrocopter yourself is not easy. You need a certain technical understanding to be able to understand which components have to work with the device.

Take some time for this and look at an already finished product. Here, analyze each part and make a list of the components you need. You then use this data to create a function circle on paper. Draw where which modules would do what.

Perhaps you would start with the battery, which supplies the necessary energy for the entire construction. From there, head over to each rotor, which is connected by a wire to the remote control receiver. The rotors require a motor, which must be braked or accelerated by a controller. Build your model piece by piece in your head and on paper.

Build it yourself and save money

It will be difficult to find the necessary parts for the quadrocopter. Here, too, orientate yourself to the existing offers from the manufacturers and find out which motors their products are equipped with and which parts allow the connection to the remote control.

Be sure to keep an eye on the weight. Because the heavier the quadrocopter, the more the rotors have to turn. This leads to higher energy consumption and consequently the fact that you need a larger battery. So think about molding individual Styrofoam components yourself, which not only saves money but also keeps the weight down. 

If you have specific questions about your design, go to forums relevant to the topic and explain your project there. As a rule, they will be happy to help you and will watch with interest as you build the construction.