Build a garden gate yourself – with instructions and lots of tips

garden gate
garden gate

Whether as part of a wooden fence or in the middle of a boundary hedge – a garden gate fulfills several tasks at once: It grants access to your garden or also protection against animal intruders. In addition, an attractive garden gate makes a lot and thus also fulfills a decorative purpose.

In this article we explain how you can build a garden gate yourself, what needs to be considered, which materials are particularly suitable and much more.

You needtools

  • jigsaw
  • cordless drill driver
  • multi-sander
  • work tables and sawing stations
  • paint spray system

material list:

  • 2 beams (140 x 10 x 5 cm) for the wooden frame
  • 2 beams (100 x 10 x 5 cm) for the wooden frame
  • 1 beam for the diagonal brace (150 x 10 x 5 cm)
  • several wooden strips to decorate the garden gate
  • 2 wooden beams (120 x 12 x 12 cm) for the goalposts
  • 2 ground impact sleeves
  • 2 gate hinges and 1 gate latch
  • screws
  • wood glue
  • wood stain

Let’s go – step by step: build your own wooden garden gate

Following these instructions, you can build your own garden gate in no time at all. The chapter “Planning & background knowledge” also offers numerous tips that you can read beforehand.

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In all steps – including when building a garden gate – you must pay attention to occupational safety in order to protect yourself and your health. In our overview of safety precautions for DIY you will find the most important tips.

Take a look at how you can build a wooden fence yourself   and coordinate the fence and garden gate with each other. And if you want something bigger than a garden gate, we also have instructions for a door you can build yourself  .

Here you can see how your garden gate is put together for you to build yourself.

1. Build the frame for the wooden gate

First you cut the boards and beams for the garden gate with a jigsaw . A work table or a sawing station can serve you well. In our video tutorials for saws you will also find numerous helpful tips on how to use the tool. Among other things, you will learn how to make a straight stitch with a jigsaw .

To connect the side parts, you create an overlap – for this you cut out an area of ​​10 x 2.5 cm at the ends of all four side parts of the frame. Only then can you glue and assemble the individual parts.

In addition, you mount a diagonal bracing that gives the garden gate support. To do this, first place the 150 cm long wooden beam for the diagonal strut on the finished frame and mark the cut edges. The lower end of the strut is on the side where you will later attach the gate hinges. Finally, you press the cut wood into the frame and fix it with a cordless drill with stainless screws.

Now you can mount the wooden strips on the frame or implement other decorative ideas for your garden gate. In any case, it is worth sanding the wooden elements with a multi -sander before further processing and removing any glue residue – see also our video tutorials for sanders .

2. Attach gate hinges and garden gate latch

Now you attach the gate hinges (for the connection between gate and post) and the garden gate latch (locking device) to the back of the garden gate. It is best to use long screws or bolts for this, which you fasten with nuts at the front. You can also get creative with the gate hinges and opt for ornamented models, for example, if you want to give your gate that certain something. Garden gate traps are also available in many different designs and there are complete gate hardware sets.

3. set goalposts

Using a spirit level or a line laser , position two ground sleeves in the ground, insert the two 12 cm wooden beams that are supposed to hold your garden gate and screw them tight.

4. Install garden gate

Place the finished garden gate on the post and mark with a pencil where the counterparts of the gate hinges and the garden gate latch must be fitted. Then you also attach these and can then hang your garden gate.

5 impregnate wood

To ensure that your DIY garden gate lasts as long as possible, you should impregnate or glaze the wood with a wood protection paint. You can find out how to glaze wood  in a separate tutorial. You can use a practical paint spray system for this. Our paint spray guide will help you with this .

Planning & background knowledge: Build your own garden gate

In terms of design, a garden gate should match your garden, the fence or another existing boundary of the property. Also consider your craftsmanship, because different materials have different requirements.

Which materials are suitable for the construction of a garden gate?

In addition to a wooden garden gate, you can e.g. B. also build a gate made of aluminum, stainless steel or bamboo. The table below shows which materials are available if you want to build a garden gate yourself.

What aspects do I have to consider when planning a garden gate?

Regardless of whether you want to build a wooden gate or a WPC gate yourself, you should take the time to do detailed planning at the beginning. Should your gate be single-leaf or double-leaf, for example? Would you like to be able to open and close the gate electrically at the end? Are you planning a sliding garden gate or should it be a swing gate? You have to take all these aspects into account when choosing the building material.

Before you get started, you should also think about the height and width of your gate – especially if you want to use a kit with standard dimensions instead of building your wooden garden gate yourself. If, on the other hand, you need a goal with special dimensions, you will find a good template in our step-by-step instructions, the dimensions of which you can adapt individually.

Does a garden gate with a lock create security?

You don’t have to do without security in the DIY version either. You can also build your own wooden garden gate with a lock. Of course, this is only worthwhile if you have a high gate that you cannot simply climb over. It is particularly easy to use bolts that are only attached to one side of the goal frame and then additionally secured with a padlock. On the other hand, if you accept a little more effort, you can also install a door handle and a more complex locking mechanism in a gate.

If you build your wooden gate yourself, you can insert a ready-made lock case. Make sure the goal frame is wide enough for the box you choose. Because in order to be able to use the lock case, the wooden frame of the garden gate must first be hollowed out so far that the front plate of the lock lies optimally on the frame. Ideally, you should first mark the desired height of the lock case and the position at which the handle is to be installed. Only when you are sure about the positioning should you drill the lock and handle properly. So you can build a garden gate lock yourself in no time at all.

How can I build a stable garden gate?

Regardless of whether you want to build a metal garden gate or just a simple wicket for your wooden fence, your garden gate should of course be stable. The posts that are supposed to hold the goal at the end are particularly important. Make sure they are solid and free of splinters. Use weather-resistant drive-in sleeves or concrete the posts. The larger and heavier a goal is, the more stable the supporting posts should be.

Alternatively, you can also screw the posts to an existing wall (e.g. carport or house). If you want to build a carport yourself  , plan the gate attachment at the same time.

The frame of a garden gate is also important for stability. If you build the side parts by overlapping, as described in our instructions, you have already won a lot. In addition, from a certain size, it can be worth planning cross braces to stabilize the frame, which we have also taken into account in our instructions.

How do I ensure that my DIY garden gate is as durable as possible?

If you want to build a wooden gate yourself, you should pay attention to robust and weather-resistant materials. Stainless screws and hinges, a high-quality wood protection varnish or impregnation are all options.

Or you can opt for a resistant and moisture-repellent material such as WPC, on which fungi, insects or even salty seawater have no chance. Nevertheless, the use of steel impact sleeves is also worthwhile here in order to protect the goal posts from moisture and standing water.