Playground equipment for the garden

little kingdom

Children love the garden, because there is plenty of space to romp and great hiding places for little knights and princesses. Tree house, sandbox and Co. should not be missing.

Children’s wish no. 1: Summer water games

As soon as the sun shines, there’s no stopping them: children want to get out in the garden. So that the kids can really romp around without destroying beds and plants, they need their own areas and play zones. This can be a sandpit in a shady area or a climbing frame on the lawn. Densely growing bushes and shrubs that offer great hiding places are particularly popular.

If you are laying out your new garden, you should plan such places in the garden design from the outset. If the garden is large enough and the property is not too shady, you can also think about a swimming pond. In contrast to a swimming pool, such bathing ponds blend harmoniously into the natural environment and offer young and old a refreshing cool down when the thermometer rises.

Squirt and splash

A swimming pond or a pool is the greatest thing for children. But not every garden offers the necessary space for this. If you still don’t want to do without the cool element, simply install a waterfall. Available as a built-in set or as a free-standing column model with pump and hose, the stainless steel Waterfall system from Oase creates an even waterfall that resembles a curtain and provides cooling at all times.

digging and building castles

The classic for the smaller children is the sandbox. Baking sand cakes, driving an excavator – a sandbox offers hours of fun in the safety of your own garden.

In public playgrounds you never know what is hidden in the sand, the sandpit at home guarantees safe play. The sandbox is best placed in a sheltered place, eg under trees. This protects the little ones from direct sunlight.

A little kingdom of your own

Hidden in the garden is the mini house where children can play host. You are completely on your own here and can develop in your own realm. Playhouses are available in a wide variety of designs, made of plastic and wood in different price ranges. Plastic houses are particularly suitable for smaller children and are transportable and weatherproof. Log houses made of wood can be bought in the hardware store as a kit.

Many kits for playhouses and towers are modular systems. So you can retrofit and expand the climbing paradise. The details are particularly important: rocking mice made of wood and decorated with lacquer are a lot of fun for children.

Small champions in football fever

Not only children are happy about their own goal wall. Adults also have fun demonstrating their marksmanship. A nice weekend project for parents and children is building a goal wall. For this you need materials such as a wooden board, wooden beams, threaded rods and wire ropes and of course colored paint for the protective wood coating. 

The complete assembly instructions for the gym-ready goal wall with all tools and materials are available here, as well as a video film in which the construction is explained in detail.