Build DIY Child friendly gardens

Child friendly gardens

A child-friendly garden is particularly important for families. We give tips and ideas that are suitable for young and old.

Both parents and children can relax in their own garden. The children also love playing in the garden, romping about and discovering nature. Even with light gardening, children can help and learn something. To make the garden a paradise for children, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

A self-made children’s kitchen or a garden tips also bring a lot of joy to children.

experience nature

Children have a thirst for adventure. For this reason, a child-friendly garden does not have to be perfectly maintained. This is usually boring for children. Especially natural places in the garden invite you to discover and experiment. With a nesting box, a bird bath or a self-made insect hotel you attract many animals into your garden and the children have a lot to discover.

Create a children’s bed

You can get your kids involved in gardening from a young age. They quickly learn what to eat and what not to eat. A nice idea is a small children’s bed. Here you can plant fruit and vegetables together, which the children can later harvest themselves. Tomatoes , peas, raspberries and strawberries are particularly suitable for this because the fruits can be nibbled directly.

Climbing trees and hiding places

What should not be missing in any family garden are climbing opportunities and hiding places. How about, for example, a tree house or a self-made hut made of branches ? A hazelnut bush is already suitable for climbing after a few years and the nuts are very popular with children and squirrels. Young fruit trees, on the other hand, are not recommended as climbing trees, as a broken branch can affect the fruit yield for several years.

Water fun in the garden

On warm summer days, water in the garden is an absolute highlight for children. For example, you can set up a small paddling pool. A water hose with a shower or a lawn sprinkler is also a lot of fun for children and a welcome refreshment.

safety first

No matter how you design your family garden, there is one thing you should definitely keep in mind: the safety of your children. You should definitely avoid growing poisonous plants with small children. Angel’s trumpet, autumn crocus, laburnum, deadly nightshade or lily of the valley do not belong in any family garden. When the children get older, however, you can explain to them exactly what is poisonous and what is not, so that not every beautiful but poisonous plant has to be left out. Attention should be paid to a pond, a pool or a rain barrel. These should be inaccessible or adequately secured so that the safety of your little ones is always guaranteed. In order to avoid children suddenly running into the street, it is advisable to create a hedge or a picket fence around the garden.